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Experts in digital performance & social networks, Circle Labs is committed to the practice of an ethical & responsible digital strategy.

My name is Murray – founder, managing director and head of projects at Circle Labs.

Circle Labs supports brands in the creation and implementation of their digital and social media communication plan. Whatever the marketing objective defined: increase notoriety, retain customers, generate traffic, or set up a conquest strategy, Circle Labs adapts its approach to obtain concrete results.

All of our customers are equally important. Whether it is an independent artist, a local association, a very small or small business or a large company, our approach remains the same. We favour a relationship of trust with short circuits for maximum responsiveness.

Through our localised services partners we’re able to deliver a first-class, end-to-end solution to our clients and it would be a privilege to be of service to you.

who we are Who we are

Our service partners:

who we are Who we are

Yvonne Adams
Social Media Partner (AU)

who we are Who we are

Jef Kay
Social Media Partner (NZ)

who we are Who we are

John Curtis
SEO Partner (AU)

who we are Who we are

Head Of Communications

Some of our skills include:

  • Print media and publishing

  • Radio advertising

  • TV advertising

  • Sales and marketing

  • Creative and design

  • Social Media management

  • Search engine marketing

  • Pay per click advertising

  • Video and photography

  • Media buying

  • Customer acquisition

  • Performance management

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What we’re great at and some of the skills we can apply to your business

We offer a full suite of design and online marketing services to our clients. The area in which we excel is driving small businesses forward – taking small businesses and making them bigger.

Our results have proven to not only increase leads and sales for our clients but also significantly reduce cost per acquisition for new business.